Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Children's adventure book with a twist

Umachi releases its first adventure/mystery fiction book, "Super SAVERs to the Rescue", for kids between the ages 7-12. Here is the link

This is a story of five kids from a multicultural background, who call themselves the Super SAVERs. The kids receive a mysterious email followed by clues which lead them to India. The events of the story build up suspense and finally the kids manage to save the Bengal Tiger from getting extinct.

The story is unique because apart from being entertaining, it makes kids aware of the current affairs in the world. This first book talks about endangered species and the Bengal Tiger. The book also talks about interesting things like Chess, Scrabble etc. Kids are exposed to the culture of different parts of the world. The first book talks about India. The other books in the series will be based on different countries.

Happy Reading!

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